About me


I have always been busy with body work, it is the life I know. I now have the pleasure and privilege of sharing with others what I have experienced. My background in sports, dance, yoga and pilates informs and influences my teaching.

I started dancing while attending the University of Iowa, USA. There I studied many forms of dance, but was mostly formed by my work with the ballet teacher, Françoise Martinet. I received a BA in Dance and later studied with the Pacific Northwest Ballet School and the Milwaukee Ballet School. During my five years in New York, many teachers left an impression on me, especially Zvi Gotheiner. Another inspiration was Alonso King in San Francisco.


After my dance education I worked as a professional dancer in renowned ballet companies including the Kansas City Ballet (works of Balanchine, Ailey, …), the Joffrey Ballet of New York City (works of Ashton, Jooss, Taylor, Nijinski, Forsythe, Tharp, Morris, Cranko, Arpino, …), the Geneva Ballet (works of  Kylián, Naharin, Bruce, …) and the Zurich Ballet (works of Mats Ek, Amanda Miller, Jorma Uotinen, …). I also did freelance work with different free scene choreographers.


I worked as a choreographer for ballet, contemporary dance, opera and musical theatre.  Highlights include “Company of Shadows” productions (full evening works supported by the cultural arts foundation of Zurich) and the “Space Dream” musical triology.


I am currently a lecturer for the BA in Contemporary Dance at Zurich University of Arts ZHdK, as well as for the Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Tanz, Zurich. I have a long association with the Zürich Tanz-Theater-Schule and have been a guest teacher at various institutions throughout Europe and USA.


Body-mind connections have interested me since my childhood: listening to relaxation LPs with my father in the early 70’s, mental training as a part of a competitive swimming regimen, yoga and pilates as part of my dance education, books on eastern philosophy, etc.

As a teacher of yoga I freely borrow from all my experiences as well as from many different styles of yoga. I do not have a guru nor am I an orthodox follower of any specific school. A healthy balance of strength and flexibility, a focus on exploring and researching and enjoying the experience, and a dose of a bigger picture are important aspects of my yoga and how I teach.

I have been practicing yoga in various forms for over 30 years and have been teaching regularly since 2001. My current teaching is a natural outgrowth of a fruitful time with “Motion Yoga”.

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