Open class for adults

At the moment there are no ballet classes held on Mondays. If you are interested in joining the class later on, please sign up to the Monday Ballet mailing list.


Time: Monday, 08:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Zürcher Kinderballett-Theater, Sihlquai 125

– Trial lesson: 20 CHF
– Single lesson: 30 CHF
– Abo for 8 lessons: 210 CHF

New participants are welcome to begin at any time.

About the class

The open class I offer on Monday is geared towards adults who have some experience in dance and a basic understanding of the ballet vocabulary.  It is a two-hour class, allowing time for a warm up using elements of contemporary dance floor work, stretching, core strengthening and modern dance.

Following the warm up we do a full ballet class. The class is serious, but always with an emphasis on having fun. Constant themes for the lessons include: healthy alignment of the body; musicality, expressiveness; freedom of movement.

Teaching approach

During my years as a ballet dancer, I was always interested in other forms of dance and training which led me to seek out teachers who were less conventional in their approach to ballet. I explored methods like White Cloud (now Gyrotonic), Pilates and Yoga. My background as a swimmer and gymnast inform my dancing and teaching as well.

More about my background >

«The body is a finely tuned orchestra. Movement is poetry. Dancing is fun.»
Mark Wuest

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